Our Purpose

We believe bright futures should be in reach for every family. The path to get there? It’s a journey built upon thousands of tiny wins. No matter our title or department, our job is to create more tiny wins that help families everywhere create bright futures.

Our Vision

Every family and every child deserves a bright future – regardless of where they live, how much money they make, what language they speak, what faith they practice or what goals they pursue. Our vision is to redefine our industry by creating not just products, but holistic solutions for early stage parents that transcend borders, categories and aisles.

Our History

We’ve been inventing and reinventing baby toys and gear for nearly 50 years, delighting babies and their parents with award-winning product designs that deliver exceptional value. It all started with the invention of a simple, yet remarkably ingenious, product that was a game changer for new parents. Over 500 products later, WE are one of the fastest growing baby product companies in the world.