Always questioning. Forever discovering.

Your baby’s first questions aren’t asked out loud. Before babies can even talk, they pose dozens of questions with their pointed fingers. It’s up to us to keep them pointing, to keep them asking why. Submarine Adventure™ Wooden Puzzle Baby Einstein™ 4.6 (7) $12.99 Inch Along Cal™ Wooden Pull Toy Baby Einstein™ 5 (4) $19.99

More joy in every moment.

Bright Starts is on the happiest mission in the world! To find more joy in every moment. More giggles with every curveball, more laughter at every turn. Because joy is what makes moments last forever. As cheerleaders of fun, Bright Starts believes the greatest joy is found in the moments spent together. Undistracted by yesterday,

Give the Gift of Reading…

Exposing children to books at an early age has long-lasting positive effects on development. In fact, 75% of what a child will learn in a lifetime is acquired by the age of two. What better way to set the stage for learning than by offering the child you love a subscription to an age-appropriate book

Elmo’s Learning Adventure 

 Elmo’s Learning is designed to focus on 9 essential preschool subjects: discovery, health & fitness, friendship, words, critical thinking, colors Elmo’s Learning Adventure was the right choice for  Your children before she started school. It was a great way for her to learn basic words and phrases while improving her problem-solving skills. Elmo’s Learning Adventure Promo Codes

Learning Kit for Your children

each kit includes: Every Learning Kit in the Elmo’s Learning Adventures program focuses on one or more essential school-readiness skills. These nine skills, or themes, have been identified through research by the early childhood experts from Sesame Street. All of the materials in the Kits—the storybook, the activity book, and the activity cards—work together to

See the world through your baby’s eyes.

Books and cards with bright colors and characters draw baby’s attention. Get Your Kit Now! Babies are full of wonder. Your baby’s first questions aren’t asked out loud. Before babies can even talk, they pose dozens of questions with their pointed fingers. Encourage that questioning with sturdy board books that help you to introduce animals,

How can we keep baby curious?

We support parents as they support their children’s cognitive development and instill a lifelong love of learning through: Creativity Yes, creativity is the foundation of art and music and theater and dance and culture. But we think, above all, creativity’s about attempting to solve problems in brave, unique ways. Discovery From tiny a-ha moments to

Curious today. Extraordinary tomorrow.

Babies are born learners. Encourage their eagerness to explore with Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries books, designed specifically for little ones. We believe that curiosity can light the path to bright futures for kids and parents everywhere. Why? Because curiosity compels us to be open to possibility and confident in our skills. Curiosity is essential for